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There is nothing traditional about our PAL brand polymer.  It leads the parade as the only known true alternative, without the negatives of flexible PVC (the poison plastic).  PAL has non-detectable toxicity, outstanding fire-resistance and UV properties and best of all, it’s cost-competitive.  PAL is the next generation of the R&D 100 Award winning FlexOle’ polymer.  It’s an engineers dream to process for use in applications when no less than premium performance is expected.

As an "Applied Materials Science Company", our business focus and skill-set is enhancing polymers with game-changing solutions.  In addition to being a reliable supplier we have differentiated ourselves as one of America's proven innovators and technology leader.

2009 R&D 100 Award Recipient

Dynamic Modifiers is the recipient of a 2009 R&D 100 Award and is recognized as one of America's great innovators for the development and commercialization of "Flex-Ole' Polymers", our first-generation environmentally sustainable alternative to flexible PVC.  FlexOle’ has now been succeeded with the second-generation version branded: PAL…The Clean Plastic.

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